D. J. Hacker Photography

D. J. Hacker

“The details of my life are quite inconsequential... Very well, where do I begin?”
— Doctor Evil

I showed artistic and techincal skill very early in my youth. Fascinated by science, my creative exploits very somehow represented by esoteric interests, variously paleontology, astronomy, and aerospace. My computing days hark back to the venerable TRS-80 personal computer. As software choices were few, I learned programming out of necessity, usually writing something to do with games or graphics. In high school I found I took well to both graphic arts and the physical sciences.

Although I began my college career in computer science, I found my calling in film studies and the studio arts, sprinkling in a bit of animation and art history. Without knowing it at the time, I prepared myself for a profession in interactive media. While still in school, I began my first business starting simply, typesetting and laying out résumés and advertising graphics under the trade name Premiere Graphics.

I continued the business after graduation, through a few freelance gigs, then incorporated as Premiere Graphics International. For clients ranging from entrepreneurs to advertising and communications agencies, I produced and developed projects that ran the interactive media gamut: web sites, CD- and DVD-ROMs, corporate events, training materials, and portable presentation systems. After many years in the business I needed a change.

Having switched to photography as my true calling, I bring my talents to fashion and commercial projects. My lighting style can be described as dramatic, provocative, and textural. I am as passionate about the tools of the trade as my art: I have a number of cameras, film and digital, to select for a particular project. Even with over eighteen years of Photoshop experience, my work reflects a minimum of digital manipulation — most of my work is done before I click the shutter.